Baby Gift Ideas for Expecting Friends

There are a lot of baby products out in the market and, here in the Philippines, gift giving during birthdays, baptisms, and Christmas (especially for godparents or ninongs and ninangs). Yeah, sure, you could go with the usual baby clothes, milk bottles, and baby sets but these things, the baby will eventually outgrow or are, most of the time, already at hand since Filipinos love passing down things that, although are old and outgrown, are still functionally good as new. Here are some good gifts for your friends and their babies:


Music is education minus the language. Investing in good classical music, jazz, classic and modern rock albums may be good for a baby’s brain—not to mention, your friends might actually enjoy the gift themselves. Some of the more popular selections are Mozart, Beethoven, John Coltrane, Bob Marley and The Beatles.


This is a fun and creative gift to give. I would especially consider giving a dog or a turtle. It will be a good metaphor on growth. Imagine your friend telling his kid how “we got this turtle when you were born. It’s the same age as you.” Plus it’s a living thing that they could also show love and care on. It will grow up like the kid and grow on them.


Money is, well, money. Nothing beats a monetary bequest. This, among all of the suggestions here, will be the one most likely to be misunderstood, but is also the most flexible. To avoid being misunderstood, give an ample amount that your friend can use to an extent greater than the usual (about 500-1000 bucks). By that, I mean that if you only have a budget of about 100-300 on gift giving, might as well buy something instead of giving it in cash. If you have a bigger budget but don’t know what to get your friend, give the budget in money or in gift certificates—that way, your friend can buy what their kid needs that you might have not figured out.

How about you? What other gift ideas do you have that can be good alternatives to the usual baby bundles?